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Sugaring involves using a hypoallergenic 100% natural paste made up of lemon juice, sugar and water to remove hair from the root.

Because sugaring doesn't stick to the top layer of the skin, it doesn't pull at live skin cells (unlike waxing, which breaks the hair at the surface), which means less irritation and discomfort.

You’ll get less hair growth each time, and the hair that does grow will be finer and sparser. The end result: smooth, hairless skin, which lasts for four to six weeks.


Brow shape / $25+


Brow design / $28+


Lip / $18+


Chin / $18+


Back / $50+


Chest / $45+


Under arm / $32+


Lower leg / $45+


Upper leg / $55


Full leg / $85

Half arm / $35


Full arm / $45


Bikini / $40+


Brazilian / $60+

Eyebrow Wax
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